Training Ground
DOP Manuel Alberto Claro confirmed at FEST 2019, but he's not alone

We are almost a month away from FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival and FEST - Training Ground is walking steadily to a certainly memorable edition.

The first confirmation we announce today is Manuel Alberto Claro, the renowned Chilean-Danish Director of Photography (DOP), known for his long-term collaboration with director Lars Von Trier. Born in Chile he would later move to Denmark where we would later study in the National Film School. Strongly influenced by the Danish ‘Dogma 95’ movement, Claro rapidly found his voice and his way in the industry. One of his earlier films, Christoffer Boe's Reconstruction (2003) went on to win the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. His work is internationally praised and acknowledged and since 2011 he has worked with Lars Von Trier in almost all his major film starting on the psychological drama Melancholia, the pair’s collaboration resists to this day. Claro has worked on the director’s Nymphomaniac - Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (2003) and, most recently on The House That Jack Built (2018). The drama/mystery movie starring Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, and Uma Thurman will be the center stage debate in Claro’s TG masterclass, where the cinematographer will discuss the process of the movie.

Fernando Bovaira will also be attending FEST - Training Ground. The Spanish producer with a background of studying in Valencia and the US has been passionate about filmmaking since a tender age. However, when he worked at Canal Plus, acquiring and distributing films, he knew his passion was somewhere along the lines of production. Some of his major works include The Others (2001), winner of the ‘Best Film’ Award at Goya Awards in 2002; Àgora (2009; and, most recently Alejandro Aménabar’s Spanish civil war movie, Mientras Dure la Guerra (2019), currently in post-production. Bovaira, a BAFTA Award nominee for his work in Iñarritu’s film Biutiful (2011), will be presenting a masterclass at FEST - Training Ground 2019.

Dominic Murphy, a director with more than 20 years of experience in the business, will conduct a half-day Workshop, concentrating on "Method Madness & Mindfulness". The director of White Lightnin’ (2009) trained with renowned method acting coach Jack Waltzer, who developed his technique in the Actor’s Studio with America's foremost teachers of the Stanislavski System.  Combining two of his passions - method acting and mindfulnessDominic Murphy has a one of a kind approach to acting that challenges actors to explore their emotional landscape. The workshop will help filmmakers understand the actor's process, create authenticity in their work and increase their creative potential.

Returning to FEST is director Pete Travis, whose work includes credits both in Film and TV. Some of his feature-film works include Vantage Point (2008), Endgame(2009), and Dredd. At FEST 2019 he'll present a masterclass on Directing Actors.

Another familiar face returning to FEST is Salomé Limón, a sound producer and engineer whose career extends from the music to the film industry. Her career in the film industry goes back to 2006 when she recorded the music for David Trueba's movie Bienvenido a Casa. Salomé Limón also worked as a recording technician in Bajo las Estrellas (2007). Most recently, she was the supervising sound editor in Ismael (2013) and Casi 40 (2018). She will attend FEST 2019 Training Ground with a workshop about “Sound design for low budget films”, helping participants to take the most out of the sound experience in their movies, but doing so on a tight budget.

Be sure you secure your accreditation FEST - Talent or FEST - Pro for this year’s 15th edition, from 24th of July to the 1st of June in Espinho, Portugal. Guarantee you won't miss out the chance to learn from top-notch industry names.