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Kuba Czekaj's new films premieres in Gdynia

It has been recently announced that Kuba Czekaj's new film, “The Erlprince” is premiering in the up coming edition of the famous Gdynia Film Festival.


 The young polish filmmaker who raised many eyebrows in the 2016 edition of FEST with his slightly insane and colorful vision in “Baby Bump”, returns with a much anticipated film that is bound to establish Czekaj as a key figure in the European film scene.


His new film tell us the story of an exceptionally talented 14-year-old living under his mother's shadow until a new man enters their life, turning his world upside down. Despite the thematic similarities with his previous work, the polish artists told us in Espinho that “The Erlprince” is in fact drastically different from “Baby Bump”, and that it will be surprising us all with a brand new outlook at his vision of film-making.


Kicking off one of the most prestigious and sought out festivals in Europe, the premiere at Gydnia certainly will open the appetite for the film among many programmers in the continent, making “The Erlprince” one of the most eagerly awaited films of 2017.