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Introducing the Director's Hub

We are very excited to introduce the Director’s Hub - a new platform to further expand networking opportunities and create a meaningful exchange of knowledge. 

It’s a tailored activity for filmmakers and other industry professionals available only with FEST Pro badge, tackling a scope of issues concerning film directing through a series of debates, roundtable discussions and case studies focused on the director’s role, tasks, relationships, expectations, obstacles and challenges they have to face, both locally and internationally.

Throughout two days, the Hub will host eight interactive sessions with 20 speakers discussing their own experiences on defining topics, and debate them with their peers and attendees. Sessions will cover topics such as: the management of a career by a Film Director, the search for the right script or materials to direct; the difficulties of International Co-Productions for Directors, how to take the most out of the relationship with your Assistant Director. We will also host two case studies on two very different films and filmmakers, coming from equally distinct backgrounds.


You can find more information and the provisional program here

Two speakers have already been confirmed, the first being Shahad Ameen, who will present a case study of her first feature, “Scales”, focusing on how she, a Saudi Arabian woman, developed her film and what struggles she faced by developing a film in a country with little tradition in cinema and an unbalanced gender ratio in the industry worldwide. Also confirmed is Andre Gil Mata, the Portuguese director tutored by Béla Tarr that will be presenting a case study about his feature film “Drvo”, shot in Bosnia, portraying the hypnotic burden of individual suffering, a consequence of a vision of the lost paradise of childhood against the backdrop of a war-torn landscape.

Join us at FEST 2019, from June 24th to July 1st, in Espinho, Portugal

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