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In 2022 our Be Kind Rewind section is an extension of the Odesa Film Festival

We have always looked at the film universe as a series of dots scattered around the planet, in constant need of being connected. Our film program has always expressed that will and necessity, a mission that demands a continuous adaptation to the current agenda, anticipation of future trends and requisites, and a sensitivity to major events around the world.

As soon as the war broke out in Ukraine, one image immediately stood out in our minds: that single shot from Sergei Eisenstein’s 1925 masterpiece, "Battleship Potemkin", where the citizens of Odesa rebelled against Czarist Russia in its now immortalized steps.

As the city of Odesa is again center stage in a conflict with its powerful eastern neighbor, we, as we should, connect the dots once again and embrace the Odesa Film Festival as our own mission. In 2022 our Be Kind Rewind section is fully dedicated to the Ukrainian event, a vital showcase platform for Ukrainian Cinema, which we have been following closely since its inception in 2010. With that in mind, our Ukrainian colleagues have developed a program that includes some of the Ukrainian winners of their recent past.

This extension of the Odesa Film Festival in Portugal includes some major international success in the region’s filmmaking scene, such as Kateryna Hornostay’s impressive debut "Stop-Zemlya", a look at the impatient nature of Ukrainian youth; Valentyn Vasianovych’s "Atlantis", a post-apocalyptic vision of a worn-torn country shot in the now ruinous city of Mariupol; or Taras Dron’s "Blindfold", the story of a woman trying to piece her life back together after the death of her boyfriend in the Donbass front.

The short film format has not been disregarded in this program, with an additional screening of award-winning short films which includes one of the hottest titles of the year, "Dad’s Sneakers" by Olga Zhurba, and "The Secret, the Girl and the Boy" by Oksana Kazymіna, among many others.

We are delighted to be able to extend a hand to a fellow Film Festival in such a turbulent time, in the hope that Odesa will soon, and once again, be famous above all for its vital role in the history of cinema.

Be Kind Rewind - 2022 Program - Odesa Film Festival extension:

  • "Homeward", Nariman Aliev
  • "Blindfold", Taras Dron
  • "Stop-Zemlya", Kateryna Hornostay
  • "Atlantis", Valentyn Vasianovych
  • "My Thoughts Are Silent", Antonio Lukich
  • Short-sessions: "Dad's Seneakers", Olga Zhurba; "Leopolis. Night", Nikon Romanchenko; "Two People", Vladyslav Vitriv; "The Secret, the Girl and the Boy", Oksana Kazymina and "In Our Synagogue", Ivan Orlenko;