New Directors | New Films
Selected Feature Films for FEST 2020

On our way to our 16th edition, FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival continues to unravel its film program.

The international competition, which this year includes 10 works by emerging filmmakers, will take place simultaneously in Espinho (Auditorium of the Espinho Parish Council and Drive-in Cinema), in Porto (Cinema Trindade and Casa Comum / Rectory of the University of Porto) and in Lisboa (Cinema Ideal).

The Golden Lynx Fiction competition presents seven films.

Algeria, 1997, a group of young girls organizes a fashion show. It is in this struggle scenario against oppression that Papicha is set, the first work of the French, Mounia Meddour. A complex portrait of a generation of women forced to confront an all-powerful patriarchy premiered worldwide in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes.

Also debuted with great expectations, Jumbo aspires to break many boundaries. Starting with the theme, by fictionalizing a woman's passion for an inanimate object, continues with the ambitious aesthetic and narrative structure, which mixes elements of Social Realism with Fantastic Cinema. One of the great triumphs of the year, placing Zoé Wittock on the list of European filmmakers to follow.

With performances by Ben Mendelsohn and YouTuber Toby Wallace, Babyteeth, by Shannon Murphy, creates a touching and provocative portrait of the different ways of dealing with a disease.

A unique dark comedy, Patrick, by Tim Mielants, presents a panoply of amazing characters, inhabiting a tense police thriller, full of twists and unexpected transitions within a nudist community.

Maura Delpero's first feature film, Maternal, offers us different views of the concept of motherhood and compels us to ponder what it really means to be a mother.

In an attempt to reinvent the subgenre of favela cinema, Pacificado, by Paxton Winters, takes us through the day-to-day life of a family living in the favela, in a Brazil grappling with social upheaval, in the troubled period that preceded the Olympic Games.

Denmark is often described as a social haven, but the world of crime is indifferent to statistics and proliferates everywhere. Another look at one of the most developed societies in the world, here in Jeannete Nordhal's feature film debut, Wildland.


Competing for the Golden Lynx Documentary, this year, we have three films.

The conflict in Ukraine remains one of the biggest mysteries in the world stage and a central theme in much of European documentary cinema. In Earth is blue as an orange, filmmaker Iryna Tsilyk travels to the war front to meet a small family that tries to live its day to day life in a place where the danger is always present.

Let us travel through historical questions in Elke Lehrenkrauss' Lovemobil, a film that traces a raw portrait of street prostitution in contemporary Germany.

Closing the list of premieres in the competition is Meanwhile on Earth, a film that demystifies what goes on behind the cremation chambers, the day-to-day life of an undertaker, and the conversations of funeral car drivers. With an unquestionable sense of humor, Carl Olson's work is an authentic triumph of documentary cinema, which forces us to smile with the most “unfortunate” of professional occupations.




Babyteeth, Shanon Murphy
Jumbo, Zoé Wittock
Maternal, Maura Delpero
Pacificado, Paxton Winters
Papicha, Mounia Meddour
Patrick, Tim Mielants
Wildland, Jeanette Nordahl


Lovemobil, Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss
Meanwhile On Earth, Carl Olsson
The Earth Is Blue as an Orange, Iryna Tsilyk