Pitching Forum
Filmarket Hub opens new horizons for the FEST Pitching Forum projects

For a second consecutive year FEST New Directors | New Films is collaborating with Filmarket Hub to offer the projects selected in the Pitching Forum a chance to find producers and co-producers on their global online platform.


What is Filmarket Hub?

Filmarket Hub is an online platform focused on brining to life cinematographic projects through an online market of projects. It connects directors and scriptwriters with producers from the industry with the objective of supporting the production of feature films- fiction and documentary- as well as TV series which are in the development stage.

Moreover, Filmarket Hub already boasts more than 3700 users across professionals and companies in the sector from more than 25 countries.


What does the market offer?

Through the online market for scripts and co-productions projects in development are connected with producers and co-producers which can help get them made. The market serves the same functions as the big international markets in Cannes, Berlin, Sundance or Busan. It works year-round for a fraction of the cost associated to attending these big markets. Above all, Filmarket Hub is focused on providing a bridge between talent and co-producers in Europe and Latin America.


Who participates?

Since the launch of Filmarket Hub at the end of 2014, more than 300 projects have been submitted to the market. There have been more than 130 requests of scripts made by producers through the platform and the first official contract between a production company and a project has been signed.

As a global platform, Filmarket Hub has established collaborations with various festivals and other events of the film industry such as Sitges Film Festival, MECAL or Encuentros Cartagena.


Through their collaboration with FEST, Filmarket Hub are offering the 21 projects of features (fiction and documentary) and TV series selected for FEST Pitching Forum the possibility to be featured in their online market for free during three months. Marc Agues, founder of Filmarket Hub, will be present at FEST as a member of the Pitching Forum panel.