Training Ground
Film Editor Valerio Bonelli confirmed Masterclasse in FEST - Training Ground

We bring you another confirmation:
an Italian editor with a very complete and highly achieved career

Valerio Bonelli is a film editor who has worked on feature films and television productions all over the world. One of his most recent works, “Darkest Hour”, directed by Joe Wright was nominated for 6 Academy Award Nominations, including Best Picture.

Valerio collaborated with directors like Stephen Frears, Ridley Scott, Bernardo Bertolucci, Steven Knight, Cosima Spender, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Peter Webber. In 2015, Valerio edited three critically acclaimed films, including the BIFA nominated documentary, “Palio” (Cosima Spender), Stephen Frears' Lance Armstrong biopic, “The Program”, as well as co-edited Ridley Scott’s Oscar and BAFTA nominated, “The Martian”.

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