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FEST’s awarded filmmakers win at the Berlinale and in Clermont Ferrand

Past participants from FEST have been leaving their imprint among many top festivals – from Diogo Costa Amarante, to Douwe Dijkstra and Maximillien van Aertryck.


Portuguese director Diogo Costa Amarante premiered his short-film “Cidade Pequena” at the Berlinale and won the Golden Bear (making it the second year in a row that this award is attributed to a Portuguese filmmaker).

Costa Amarante was at FEST 2016, winning the National Gran Prize with his film “Rosas Brancas”.


Douwe Dijkstra was at Clermont-Ferrand with his film “Green Screen Gringo” at the Lab Competition and won this section’s Gran Prix. As Costa Amarante, Douwe Dijkstra was at FEST (in 2015) and won the award for Best Experimental Short-Film with his film “Démontable”.


And last but not least, director Maximillien van AertryckNovember’s Filmmaker of the Month – is again in the spotlight with his film “Ten Meter Tower”, after it went viral in the past months. The film won two awards at Clermont Ferrand: the Special Jury’s Prize and the Audience Award.