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FEST PRO Program — Day 3 Highlights

FEST’s fourth day kept everyone booked and busy with various masterclasses and workshops. The day’s headliner, Gael Garcia Bernal, closed the line-up the best way possible: in a room full of good energy. Nonetheless, the rest of the program left no one indifferent.

The Industry Program started in the best way with Lucy Brown, the woman behind Thelma & Louise. The founder and director of Woman in Screen focused her masterclass on women and their representation and role in the film industry.

Polly Duval, the post-production supervisor behind movies like Brooklyn (2015) and Notes on a Scandal (2006), talked about the underestimated post-production, its importance, and how you can prepare for it. Highlighting the fact that port-production goes way beyond editing, she offered various tips and strategies, as well as knowledge acquired throughout her great career.

With a passionate and honest approach, Iain Smith focused his session on the ups and downs of the life of a producer. The producer of Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and Seven Years in Tibet (1997) explored his long career, from the job, the duties and profile of a producer, to the dedication and respect with which he tackles every project.

At our Director’s Hub, three sessions took place. The first one, with Síle Culley, Nicolò Gallio, and Valeria Richter, explored how one can identify and connect with the audience. Franziska Margarete Hoenisch, Cátia Biscaia and Pedro Cabeleira focused their roundtable on parenting in the film industry and how to break the fear and stigma around it. Lastly, Franziska Margarete Hoenisch, Peter Webber e Philippe Grégoire’s roundtable explored the opportunities for directors in a post-theatrical world.

Carolina Gonçalves