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FEST presents "SILVER LYNX" Nominees for 2022!

The Silver Lynx Competition is a short film competition that attempts to provide a launch board for new filmmakers in Fiction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental Cinema.

This year's selection of short films in competition for the Silver Lynx award returns to Espinho with 50+ films, split between the usual Fiction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental section, celebrating the best batch of 2022's international cinema.

These 10 international short film programs promise a lot of surprising moments, as well as much delight and controversy along the way.


Session #1

“Borzaya” - Simon Schneckenburger

“The Right Words” - Adrian Moyse Dullin

“A Man Trembles” - Lam Li Shuen, Mark Chua

“Il turno” / “The Shift” - Chiara Marotta, Loris Giuseppe Nese

“Shelled” - Boris Vedensky

Session #2

“Holadirio” - Mariel Sosa

“Bitch” - Bertille Z. Estramon

“Slave” - Grzegorz Piekarski

“Collapse” - Mathieu Rathery

Session #3

“Mona & Parviz” - Kevin Biele

“Liquid Bread” - Alica Bednáriková

“7 Star Dinosor Entertainment” - Vaishali Naik

“A Swedish Defence” - Simon Elvås

Session #4

“Unter der Welle” - Veronika Hafner

“Growing” - Agata Wieczorek;

“I, Adonis” - Angelo Raaijmakers 

“Tibbits Hill” - Edith Jorisch


Session #1

“Expiration” - Joris Cottin

“The Gallery” - Cordula Rieger

“Brave” - Wilmarc Val

“Buck Fever” - Griet Goelen, Louise Van Assche

“Solar Voyage” - Adam Zadlo

“Whispers” -  Léa Morelli

Session #2

“Touch me” - Hendrik Ströhle

“Even though they steal my dreams” - Zoé Brichau

“Some Kind of Intimacy”- Toby Bull

“My Period is Late” - Cai Ning

“Black Wagon” - Adilet Karzhoev


Session #1

“Terra Incognita” - Pernille Kjaer, Adrian Dexter

“Eating in the Dark” - Inari Sirola 

“Bestia” - Hugo Covarrubias

“All My Mom’s Phone Calls” - Iiti Yli-Harja

“Goodbye Jérôme!” - Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Chloé Farr

“The Seine's tears” - Alice Letailleur, Philippine Singer,Lisa Vicente, Hadrien Pinot, Etienne Moulin, Nicolas Mayeur, Elliott Benard, Yanis Belaid

Leopoldo from the bar - Diego Porral

Session #2

“Sierra” - Sander Joon

“Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse” - Kilian Vilim

“Kelasi” - Fransix Tenda Lomba

“Granny's Sexual Life” - Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard

“Toothless” - Andrea Guizar

“Fall of the Ibis King” - Mikai Geronimo, Josh O'Caoimh

“Noise Film” - Merlin Voss

“Sauna” - Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren


Session #1

“Apocalypse Baby, we advertise the end of the world” - Camille Tricaud, Franziska Unger

“No Voice” - Jiajie Yu Yan

“Woman as image, man as bearer of the look” - Carlos Velandia

“Continuity of Parks” - Zhenia Kazankina

“Epitaph” - Silvia Lorenzi

“The empty sphere” - Stéphanie Roland

Session #2

“Tomorrow is a Water Place”- Juanita Onzaga

“Parade” - Ines Sieulle 

“Whirlwinds” - Adriana Jamisse & Sara Carneiro

“Are You Ok” - Mattis Ohana Goksøyr

“Motorcyclist’s Happiness Won’t Fit Into His Suit” - Gabriel Herrera

“The Land of Cruciform Sun” - Aleš Zůbek

“Changing skin” - Maxime Coton