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A series of video interview essays about the new reality of the industry after COVID-19

As isolation struck over two months ago, we know the general feeling of uncertainty is set amongst almost every country and affects all people. 

The COVID-19 pandemic continuously takes a toll on all aspects of the industry. Exhibitors, producers, filmmakers, sales agents, distributors, and other professionals largely had to shutter their businesses as we wait for this to end.

As the pandemic continues to spread, it is clear that the current disruption will not end once the pandemic is under control, with many in the industry acknowledging that things will never be the same, neither for the film business nor for society at large.

A place of discussion by excellency, FEST’s we interviewed some renowned industry professionals and asked them about their view on how the pandemic will take a toll on the film industry.

A series of vídeo interview essays, FEST - Interviews revolve around the subject: "The New Reality of the Film Industry after the COVID-19 pandemic - the Current and Future State of the Film Industry".

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Focusing on the international film scene, our interviewees were:


Peter Webber  

The renowned British director responsible for The Girl With the Pearl Earring was our first guest to share his opinions on how this pandemic has affected and will continue to affect the film industry.


Ilann Girard

CEO of OLFFI and Multi-awarded producer who executive produced several films among which Renaissance, March of the Penguins, and Plastic Planet. He has produced Goodbye Bafana and Lebanon. Ilann set up Arsam in 2002 to advise films and television producers from all over the world on the development and financing of their projects.


Nancy Bishop

Nancy Bishop is an Emmy-nominated international casting director, with offices in Prague and London. Her credits include Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol and The Avengers.


Polly Duval

Polly Duval is a British post-production supervisor based in London, that for over 20 years has been working at the heart of British independent film. Her works include Brooklyn and An Education.


Ken Loach

Ken Loach is a renowned British director known for his work in the field of social realism films. His works include The Wind That Shakes the Barley and I, Daniel Blake.


Paul Miller

The British producer first became a household name due to his production work on John Sayles’ Lone Star. In addition to his film production success, he has also been at the forefront of the film financing scene.


Melissa Leo

Having started off her career on television, Melissa became a regular on the television show All My Children. Her breakthrough role came in 1993 as detective Kay Howard on the television series Homicide: Life on the Street. Years later, her performance in The Fighter earned her an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.


Martin Samper

Martin is a producer and CEO of NO HAY BANDA S.L, an audiovisual production based in Barcelona. As a 20-year experienced Marketing Manager & Producer, Martin has worked on more than 100 movies, with some of his credits including Ana by Day and 7 Reasons to Run Away (from Society).


Christine Vachon

Born in New York City, USA, Christine is a producer active in the independent film sector with more than 120 producing credits to her name. Some of her major works include Boys Don't Cry, Far From Heaven, I'm Not There, and Carol.


All interviews are available on FEST’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram profile.