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FEST 2019 Oficial Image - Celebrating 15 years of FEST

FEST 2019 marks the symbolic date of the festival’s 15th edition.

From the memories of the last 14 editions, what endures is the affection of those who, in one way or another, are a part of the festival. Therefore, it is no wonder that the theme for this year's edition of FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival’s quinceañera, is more than a single celebration.

It’s a celebration of Espinho and its people, that so endearingly have welcomed the festival and its participants; a celebration of the city’s icons, like the Centro Multimeios de Espinho, the Casino Espinho or the inspiring ocean front, that don’t just welcome FEST but also give it dimension.

It is also a celebration of the people that help write its story. Not only the ones that dedicate themselves to the festival but also the ones that enjoy and support it.

And, at last, it is a celebration of Film, the only constant variable in this journey; for it keeps on surprising us and giving us reasons to want to celebrate the 30th; 45th; 60th; 75th …