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FEST 2018: Flavours of the World Program Revealed

In an edition dedicated to borders and ways to accept or go through them, a retrospective of short films that come from different countries, allowing us in a short time take a trip through different cultures, people, places and realities, makes even more sense.

The “Flavors of the World” section is all about discovering the most captivating regions of the planet in terms of showing signs of new waves and generations in the cinematic industry. Some of the countries that have been in the spotlight in previous editions are as diverse as Poland, Romania, Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Greece or Iran.

By working with new directors throughout the years, we are in a privileged position when it comes to understanding from where new things are coming and what regions are developing in the cinematic matters. We’ve been noticing that in these countries, besides having a long tradition in cinema, a new wave of young filmmakers is arising, bringing with them new languages and new ambitions. Being bold, creative and able to turn a simple plot into a complex and multilayered story.

This year’s highlights are Austria, Japan and Sweden:

Patrick Vollrath had a major role in making us aware of what was being done in Austria and in Film Akademie Wien in particular. Patrick won the Silver Lynx in the 2016 FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival edition, with the short film “Everything Will Be Ok”, that was also nominated to the Academy Award for Best Short-film and that will be screened once again here in Espinho. Curated by Christina Wintersteiger and Filmakademie Wien, here is the selection list:

Everything Will Be Ok
Patrick Vollrath | AUT | 30’

Waiting Time
Clara Stern | AUT | 10’

Keeping Balance
Bernhard Wenger | AUT | 5’

Forest of Echos
Maria Luz Olivares Capelle | AUT | 30’

After some dark years of the Japanese cinematic industry, this new generation of filmmakers seems determined to get back to times of glory. Curated by the Short Shorts Tokyo team, here is the selection list:

April Fish
Kazutomo Ogata, Eiichi Takahashi | JPN | 20’

Dai Yoshida | JPN | 9’

Hiroshi Okuyama | JPN | 8’

Man in Phone
Mackenzie Sheppard | JPN | 7’

Tokyo Cosmo
Takahino Miyauchi | JPN | 4’

That’s No Meaning
Hiroto Hara | JPN | 16’

Don’t Give Us Bouquet!
Hidenobu Abera | JPN | 20’

A country with some new cinematographic developments that we’ve been keeping an eye on, through their submissions in FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival and for their participation in other festivals from the international circuit. With special thanks to Maximilien van Aertryck, from Plattform Produktion, and to Jing Haase, from the Swedish Film Institute, here is the selection list:

Push It
Julia Thelin | SWE | 8’

Because The World Never Stops
Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck | SWE | 11’

Picture World
Elin Övergaard | SWE | 13’

Vera Sjunnesson | SWE | 10’

I Was a Winner
Jonas Odell | SWE | 14’

Mother Knows Best
Mikael Bundsen | SWE | 15’

The Committee
Gunhil Enger, Jenni Toivoniemi | SWE | 13’

Meaningless Conversations in Beautiful Environment
Lisa Östberg | SWE | 8’


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