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FEST 2018 Digital Program

In this ever changing contemporary world the physical borders that separate all nations on the planet may be more sta-ble than in any other period in history. Yet all other borders are currently being challenged in epic fashion. Our notion of what is tolerable, acceptable, what is an obstacle and what is a launch board is in constant perpetual shift. The film universe is not oblivious to the madness of this age, living constantly under attack from all flanks, and, apparently, losing its ground to other forms of artistic expression and entertainment.

It is time for a counter-attack! Filmmaking has never been known for shyness, there has never been any lack of great innovative and courageous artists willing to stretch the borders, and this current era is no exception. 2018 has been a great year for cinema and, to a great extent, thanks to a brand new generation artists with much to share. Fest 2018 will allow you to once again jump in knees deep into the universe of these new authors and discover new fresh perspectives. Much like everything else in the world, prepare to have your notions of cinema turned upside down!

Fernando Vasquez - Head of Programming 


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