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The Films to be watching this Easter

Easter is around the corner and if this quarantine is keeping you locked safe at home, then here are a few ideas of how to fill in your time.

Here are our suggestions for your Easter 2020 film list.

The Last Temptation of Christ by Martin Scorsese (Canada/USA - 1988)

All those who think of Scorcese and immediately think of gangsters and alienated taxi drivers should really think twice. The American master has a keen spiritual sense, and you won’t find a better sign of that vein than in this scandalous and thought-provoking portrayal of Jesus of Nazareth, with Willem Dafoe providing one of his best performances to date. This “Last Temptation of Christ” is the ultimate Easter film. 

Available on Amazon Prime!



Fire Walk With Me by David Lynch (France/USA – 1992)

In the week we are celebrating 30 years since the release of the pilot that would launch the most revolutionary TV series in history, there was no escaping the suggestion of discovering, or revisiting, the film that was meant to put an end to a global obsession. The film may lack a lot of the witty nature and humour of the series. Instead, it focusses on the dark nature of Lynch’s dark universe. Spoiler alert: this account of the last seven days of Laura Palmer’s life won’t end well.

The movie is available on Amazon Prime.



37 Seconds by Hikari (Japan – 2019)

If this Easter you are looking for something fresh then look no further. Netflix just released worldwide the debut feature of Japanese artist Hikari, “37 Seconds”, that took the Berlin Film Festival by storm in 2019. This is a gorgeous little piece about the sexual and emotional voyage of an immensely talented handicapped girl. It will make you blush and much more. It is simply unmissable.

You can find it on Netflix.



Like Water for Chocolate by Alfonso Arau (Mexico – 1992)

For many, Easter is all about chocolate and sweets, so why not give in to temptation and watch a true classic about love, lust, desire, cooking and the Mexican Revolution. Alfonso Arau’s masterpiece was a fundamental piece in the rebirth of Mexican cinema and is still out there for you to enjoy. Come on, there is chocolate all over it, what else do you need?

Available on Amazon Prime.



Life of Brian by Terry Jones

This list could not be complete with Monty Phyton’s take on the insanity of biblical times and its endless search for the messiah. This iconic comedy may not be exactly about Jesus, but it has its own prophet, the most unlikely and unwilling of them all, and a “very naughty boy”. Easter without “Life of Brian” is not a real Easter.

The film is available on Amazon Prime!