Training Ground
DOP Stuart Dryburgh and Cooke’s Carey Duffy confirmed at FEST 2019 industry program

Stuart Dryburgh will be presenting a Masterclass at FEST - TG; and Carey Duffy, from Cooke Optics, will share his infinite knowledge about Lenses in a workshop entitled “Imagination captured through glass”, both sessions made possible in partnership with Cooke Optics.

Stuart’s masterclass will focus on how to create a distinctive look or the contribution of the cinematographer to the creative process. Stuart is one of the most interesting cinematographers in active duty. Some of his major works include "Ben is Back", "The Painted Veil", "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" "The Great Wall" and “The Piano”  that ultimately led to his Academy Award, ASC and BAFTA nominations. With more than 50 cinematography credits, Stuart has shot films for Directors such as Jane Campion, Michael Mann, Martin Scorsese, Yimou Zhang, and many others.

Carey Duffy, Cooke Optics’ Director of Sales in Europe, will be leading a workshop about “Imagination captured through glass”, demonstrating how glass plays a pivotal role, in transforming your live action into a moving image. Carey and Cooke Optics, invite FEST participants to discover what makes the trademarked “Cooke Look” so unique, and why cinematographers worldwide admire its essence. From vintage lens looks to Full Frame digital formats, the workshop will include a current field of view coverage and test footage.

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