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Daily program - June 30th

We reach the seventh day of FEST!

Ending the week today, we have an amazing program in store for you!

Mihai Gligor starts off the day by explaining the importance of film festivals for young and up and coming filmmakers.

With a masterclass by Salomé Limón, a Latin Grammy award winner, filmmakers will get the opportunity to idealize how to work with sound on a budget.

The Lunchbox director Ritesh Batra will kick off the afternoon with a Training Ground masterclass regarding Directing and rewriting for actors. 

At 7 pm we have a date at Multimeios Auditorium for the closing ceremony of the Festival, screening Her Smell, a story by Alex Ross Perry that portrays the life of a once famous singer, while following her path into oblivion.


Full Program: 30th June

10:00 | Auditorium Training Ground Mihai Gligor: How to use Film Festivals as an opportunity to distribute films & maximize opportunities
11:00 | Room 2 Training Ground Salomé Limón: Sound design for low budget films
13:00 | Auditorium Producer’s Debate: Making films with an audience in mind. How to identify and engage your audience
14:00 | Casino Espinho FESTinha Sub-18 #1
14:30 | Spatium National Grand Prix #2
15:30 | Auditorium Training Ground Ritesh Batra: Directing and rewriting for actors
16:30 | Spatium Be Kind Rewind #7
19:00 | Auditorium Closing Ceremony: Her Smell
21:30 | FESTival Village Be Kind Rewind #8
22:30 | Casino Espinho Be Kind Rewind #9
23:00 | Doo Bop FEST Nights
00:00 | Casino Espinho Midnight special: La Belle Noise