New Directors | New Films
Daily Program - June 28th

At the entrance of the weekend, FEST Training Ground continues with the fast-paced rhythm, presenting a selection of workshops that will approach technical and human issues of the film industry.

From color management to legal issues, from pre-production to post-production. Dominic Murphy, Jennifer Parker, Fernando Bovaira and David Turner are some of the experts you will be able to connect with during the day. 

On the film program, special attention to the national premiere of Tremors (pointed out as one of the films not to be missed this year), the comeback of the Danish classic A Royal Affair, and the new exciting voices of our experimental and fiction short film competition. With the weather starting to enter the summer mode, do check our Festival Village program, where we've set up a cinema book fair and an outside screening room. 


Full Program: 28th June

10:00 | Auditorium Training Ground: Ross Baker: How to manage your color – Meet the Colourist
10:30 | Room 2 Training Ground: Dominic Murphy: Method, Madness & Mindfulness – Working with Actors (workshop)
10:30 | Casino de Espinho Festinha Sub-10 #4
10:30 | FESTival Village Workshop Storyboards with Beatriz Bagulho
13:00 | Auditorium Training Ground: Jennifer Parker: Legal consideration for film productions, from small short films to budget films
14:00 | Spatium Silver Lynx - Experimental
14:30 | Casino Espinho Festinha Sub-14 #1
15:30 | Auditorium Training Ground: Fernando Bovaira: Case study of the production process of The Others
16:00 | Auditorium Training Ground: David Turner: Post Production Management Overview
16:30 | Spatium Silver Lynx - Fiction
16:30 | Casino de Espinho Festinha Sub-18 #1
19:00 | Spatium NEXXT#6
21:00 | Auditorium Golden Lynx - Fiction: Tremors
21:30 | FESTival Village Flavours of the World: A Royal Affair
23:00 | Casino Espinho Monument