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Daily Program - June 27th

We all know how important it is to master the way we work, collaborate and manage the people we work with. That's why, on this fourth day of FEST, we pay special attention to the strategies that we can employ when it comes to making the most out of a team.

From the technical perspective of Clifford de Spencer on how to train your voice and accent, to the key essentials of how a director can make the most out of his actors with Dominic Murphy, until the tips you may want to write down about actor's casting by Nancy Bishop, FEST Training Ground has prepared a full "people day" for you. 

On our PRO Director's Hub activities, we will be discussing the importance of the relationship between the director and his assistant, the challenges of international co-production and the new Portuguese directing generation that seems to be taking the world by storm.  

On the film program be sure to do your math and choose between the Agência da Curta Metragem Showcase, curated by director Gonçalo Almeida, the American Film Showcase set up by the Baia Beach or Antoine Russbach look into the morally corrupt universe of business, of Those Who Work

Full Program: 27th June

10:00 | Auditorium Training Ground: Clifford de Spencer: Voice, speech and accent coaching for film
10:00 | Junta de Freguesia Director's Hub: Case Study Scales with Shahad Ameen (PRO ACTIVITY)
10:30 | Room 2 Training Ground Carey Duffy: Imagination captured through glass
10:30 | Casino de Espinho Festinha Sub-10 #3
11:00 | Spatium Lost in the Metaverse: Explore
13:00 | Auditorium Training Ground: Dominic Murphy: Method, madness & mindfulness - Working with actors 
13:00 | Junta de Freguesia Director's Hub: Working with your Assistant Director (PRO ACTIVITY)
14:00 | Spatium Silver Lynx - Animation
14:30 | Casino Espinho NEXXT#4
15:30 | Auditorium Training Ground: Nancy Bishop, CSA, CDG: Casting considerations for the director
15:30 | Junta de Freguesia Director's Hub: Challenges of International Co-Productions for Directors (PRO ACTIVITY)
16:30 | Spatium Silver Lynx - Fiction
17:30 | Casino Espinho Be Kind Rewind - Let's Talk About Sex
18:00 | Auditorium Training Ground: Stuart Dryburgh: Contribution of the cinematographer to the creative process
18:00 | Junta de Freguesia Director's Hub: Portuguese New Wave (PRO ACTIVITY)
19:00 | Spatium NEXXT#5
19:30 | Casino de Espinho Showcase Agência Curta Metragem
21:00 | Auditorium Golden Lynx - Fiction: Those Who Work
21:30 | Festival Village American Film Showcase
22:00 | Casino Espinho Be Kind Rewind #6: In Your Face
23:00 | Doo Bop – FEST Nights