Pitching Forum
FEST - Pitching Forum: Call for Projects

Call for Projects for FEST - Pitching Forum 2020 is now open!

Submit your project and get a chance for an opportunity to development and co-production awards.

Until March 1st, don't miss out on the Early Bird discount.

The 28 selected projects will have 5 minutes to present their pitch to a range of recognized experts of international renown, including producers, distributors and financiers, all looking for new projects to support.

This year, the projects are divided into four categories:

  • Fiction short films in the early stages of development;

  • Fiction feature films in the early stages of development;

  • Documentaries in the early stages of development;

  • Short films, feature films and documentaries at an advanced stage of production;

When you submit your project you are automatically competing for an opportunity to win one of the following prizes:

MENTORSHIP AWARD - 3 months of tutoring and project development with a specialist. The most appreciated projects will have the opportunity to be monitored and helped by an expert, who will help the project to reach a new level.

FEST FILM LAB AWARD - A training weekend at a FEST FILM LAB Workshop chosen by the winner.

POST-PRODUCTION PRIZE - Post-production services provided by one of FEST’s partners.


Project submissions close on the 3rd of April.