New Directors | New Films
Beach Cinema promises a sea of emotions

The beach marks the border between land and sea. Besides being the place where these two different elements are put appart, the beach is also where they meet; and it’s where the open air sessions of Beach Cinema take place.

This year’s edition of FEST - New Directors | New Films Festival theme is Borders, whether they are physical, mental, ideological, social or geographic. The sea was for centuries a very deep barrier that isolated peoples, the root of many myths and created some of the greatest separations between us and others. But the sea is also what connects us to other continents, it’s the beginning of infinite possibilities, it’s for some an inspiring muse and for the people of Espinho, it’s a central part of their daily lives.

With more common or more experimental, spiritual and unpredictable approaches, all the short and feature films included in this section have the sea as the main character and will show us how the greatest natural frontier can still be the commonplace between many and very different people with many and really different habits.

Part of the program is made in partnership with Espinho Surf Destination [link], organizer of the Surf Pro Espinho competition, and at the beginning of every session there will be a small screening of the best moments of this year’s edition.


Beach Scene

Gonçalo Ribeiro | PRT | 3'


Beach Week

David Raboy | USA | 18’


Blue Road

Alena Ehrenbold | GBA | 48’



Miguel De | PRT | 11’


Deep Blue \ Middle C

Bryan Little | ZAF | 54’


The Deep Ones

Chevalier Guillaume | FRA | 23’


Fight on a Swedish Bench

Simon Vahlne | SWE | 14’


Fish Story

Charlie Lyne | GBA | 13’


Le Phare

Quentin Arrius, Damien Contreras, Alan Fra, Daurélia Gazel, Laura Gerlier, Ola Ierardi | FRA | 7’



Alma W. Bär | BEL | 2’


Or Bleu

Nicolas Chiarot, Amandine Comes, Eva Fekete, Haunui Maeta, Baptiste Miquel, Thomas Rousvoal | FRA | 6’



David Helmut | DEU | 30’


Sailor’s Delight

Louise Aubertin, Eloise Girard, Marine Meneyrol, Jonas Ritter, Loucas Rongeart, Amandine Thomoux | FRA | 6’


Somersault Pike

Kate Lefoe | AUS | 7’



Nicolas Keppens, Matthias Phlips | BEL | 19’