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A full day of masterclasses dedicated to VFX at FEST PRO 2022!

We are glad to announce that in FEST ND| NF we will dedicate a full day to VFX! At VFX day we will ensure masterclasses designed to clarify and explore the technologies capacities and potential, as well as to better prepare the talent for what is coming and will be pivotal in the next few years and what can we do for the democratization of VFX. 

It is predicted that five years from now, most film productions will use one or more virtual production methods, so what better time than to start learning about them now?

With the support of Nu Boyana, we will receive in Espinho preeminent professionals, like the VFX Supervisor Gary Brown, Emmy-nominee for his work on "Into The Storm"; the promising director Pablo de la Chica, with two Goya Awards and Pedro Domingo, CEO of Nu Boyana Portugal.

Gary has a rich experience within the UK industry spanning over two decades as VFX Artist, Supervisor, Head of VFX and Creative Director for companies such as Soho 601, Digital Film Lab and Technicolor VFX.  As of March 2022, Gary moved production side as a VFX Supervisor / Producer to focus exclusively on single long form streaming projects.

Pablo de la Chica is a Spanish director, screenwriter and producer. He is a promising young man in the cinematographic world, with two Goya awards and about to release his first feature film, “Elefante”. He has directed and written many documentaries, including the award-winning “The Other Kids'' and the series “Dreams Without Borders”, for the Aljazeera TV channel. Has developed work on the issue of the democratization of VFX.

Pedro Domingo has been working in the 3D world for over fifteen years. He worked on American blockbuster films, working for Nu Boyana Film Studios in Bulgaria. It was here that the seed for Nu Boyana Portugal was first planted. From there, several international experiences followed, in cinema, series and advertising, including work on The Jungle Book - a mega-production at MPC London, which won an Oscar for best visual effects. 

Nu Boyana Portugal is a shooting facilitator and VFX studio founded in 2018. It is part of Nu Boyana Film Studios, an international group with a long history of large-scale film production. Nu Boyana Portugal started as a VFX studio which has grown immensely over the last years. The team of local and international artists has a proven track record of excellency. In a short span of time Nu Boyana Portugal has worked on a variety of different projects. These include cinematic titles such as "The Protégé", "Jolt", "The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard", "Hellboy", "Rambo: Last Blood or Angel has Fallen".

Gary, Pablo and Pedro will be joining the other names already announced and the ones that will be announced in the next few days. With 800+ producers, financiers, directors and other film professionals from 40+ countries around the world, from Oscar winners to rising stars, FEST is the place you want to be, joining hundreds of like-minded filmmakers in the community.

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