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2016 Golden Linx Award Winners

After a flash publication of this year's winners list it is time to get to the details


 The jury of the Golden Linx Feature Film competition (composed by Tim Corrie, Garry Maddison and Paulo D'Alva) decided to give the main the Golden Linx Award to the Best Fiction Feature Film to Tobias Nölle's extraordinary work “Aloys” (Switzerland/France). Each jury member had special comments to add.

Tim Corrie: “Aloys” was the most complete film of the festival. A fusion of Art and Technique, first class performances and brilliant use of the camera, remarkable inventive approach to sound and music, plus a deeply moving story of isolation which touched all who saw it”

Garry Maddison: “Perfect performance's paired with a delightful script, the directing was a master class in how to keep the audience engaged”

Paulo D'Alva: The award is worthy for “the sensibility in the way the theme is approached, as truthful and universal as real human relation are. This is a work of notable directing, both in terms of film-making and acting, and also an excellent result in terms of the editing”.

The jury also decided to offer three extra Honourable Mentions.

The first one to “The Fits” (USA) by Anna Rose Holmer, with a particular focus to the performance by the young actress Royalty Hightower. Secondly Hanna Skold's “Granny's Dancing on the Table” (Sweden) caught the jury's eye specially thanks to the great sequences of stop motion animation. Last but not least, the jury was not indifferent to Juan Fernández Gebauer's and Nicolás Suárez's “Easy Ball” (Argentina), due to a strong performance by Carlos Portaluppi and the endearing story of this Argentinian love story.

In the non-fiction section the jury decided to offer the Golden Linx for Best Documentary Feature to the Portuguese production “Irmãos” by Pedro Magano. The jury wrote: “This documentary is an extraordinary social portrait of a people whose traditions survive the test of time. This is an excellent document on the origin of a population with a strong sense of identity, faith and brotherhood, with an exceptional visual sense that captivates and absorbs us with each frame, in a notable work of photography and editing.

The jury also decided to offer an Honourable Mention to the Iranian film-maker Mehrdad Oskouei's “Starless Dreams”, as: “this documentary bravely sheds some light on an universe of real lives, through a sensitive look that is both human and respectful”.