FESTival Village

FEST's FESTival Village is a space where the festival mingles with the city. With free admission, it has a program for all ages, always with the cinema as its center-piece and with one of the most beautiful beaches of the Portuguese Green Coast as background.

Opening on June 19th, the program will feature the 2nd edition of the Film Book Fair, open-air cinema screenings and many educational activities for all ages. Festival Village will also have a food court area with daily menus and refreshing smoothies and juices.

We are counting on you at FESTival Village for days of a lot of fun and shared knowledge.
Come and celebrate cinema with us!

Film Book Fair - 2nd edition 

After its premiering success in last year's edition, FEST's Film Book Fair is back for its second run. This unprecedented initiative represents an excellent opportunity to fine, in a single space, books and various other articles dedicated to the Film scene that are not normally available. 

Despite being focused mostly on film literature, covering topics like technical books about the industry, stories that were adapted to the silver screen, and books and biographies about film professionals; the Book Fair will also contain merchandise, DVD's and other film formats, as well as film antiques. Additionally, we will have book presentations with special guests.

Open-air film screenings

The screen will be set up by FESTival Village's entrance and, every night, the audience will be able to enjoy some of the best cinema that the festival has to offer, well sat down in the 'movie theatre' right next to Village's central tent.

To open up curiosity about what will be happening at FEST, on the prior Friday and Saturday, the 19th and 20th of June, Village will host a FEST Warm-Up.

FESTinha Workshops

FEST continues to invest in the education of the younger audience besides the FESTinha film screenings and presents various activities for the FESTinha jury members.

The FESTinha jury will have a series of film screenings, followed by debates in order to explore their critical sense regarding what they just saw. The film sessions will be held at Casino de Espinho and the meetings at FESTival Village.

The FESTinha workshops will host activities such as the Lynx Club, where the young film enthusiast will be able to spend time with the festival's mascot, cut out masks in her resemblance and paint them.
Other initiatives thought out for our younger audiences include virtual reality glasses with 360º films and 'Cinema out of the box', where the participants will build film cameras out of reused materials.