Awards and Jury

Anually, FEST awards the best works in the film scene, encompassing all categories.

The awards stretch out from the Golden Lynx, covering the genres of Fiction and Documentary; passing through the National Grand Prix, covering Diction, Documentary, Animation and Experimental Film; the Silver Lynx, covering the same film genres; the academic competition NEXXT; and ending in the FESTinha category.

As such, FEST annually presents a panel of jurys for it's Film Program and for FEST - Pitching Forum, that will be revealed closer to the Festival. 


Film Program Jury

Alba Batista

Ásgeir H Ingólfsson

Urszula Liinska

Jela Hasler

Patrícia Nogueira

Retta Huhtanen

Emilia Mazik

Pedro Cabeleira

Rafaela Camelo

Joana Canas Marques

Pedro Lino

Aw See We

Viktor Hertz


Aditional to the Film Program, FEST also awards the best projects under development presentd during Pitching Forum.

With an award for each category (short fiction, feature fiction and documentary), after the final pitch presentations, the jury panel will decide regarding the awards.


The Pitching Forum awards are:

Mentorship Award – 3 months tutoring and project development with an expert. The most valued projects will have the opportunity to be tutored and helped in their development by one of the experts, who will support the project to get to a new level.

FEST Film Lab Award – A weekend training at a FEST FILM LAB Workshop of the winners’ choosing

Post Production Award – Services in Post-production provided by one of FEST’s partners.


Pithing Forum Panel

Paul Miller

Jan Rofekamp

Rachel Robey

Gareth Wiley

David Turner

Jay Taylor

Xavier Granada

Ainhoa Andraka

Aleksandra Derevienko

Anais Bertrand

Angela Bosche

Ben Vandendaele

Bram Crols

Cecilia Nessen

Drie Phlyppo

Cynthia Hargrave

Elena Stanisheva

Emilie Dubois

Geoff Arbourne

Irina Gurova

Jean Brehart

Jenny Parker

Julia Alves

Kostas Tagalakis

Krystyna Kantor

Laurine Pelossy

Matej Merlic

Melissa Dhondt

Mirta Duhlovski

Oriol Cortacans

Paulo Américo

Pierre Menahem

Sari Volnanon

Sean Gascoin

Tsiako Abesdze

Vibeke Vogel

Vivian Schroeder

Julie Freres

Laurent Filliung

Isabel Lima

Melissa Leo

Marija Dimitrova

Gonçalo Galvão Teles

Oana Furdea

Giorgos Karnavos

Luc Bossi

Jana Llopart

Noe Mandelle

Joost Daamen

Caterina Turroni