National Grand Prix #3



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English



More Than Blood | Sibelle Lobo | PRT | 10’

In a moment suspended in time, a group of women gather in devotion to the goddess for a sacred ritual of transformation and initiation of their new sister.





The Girl From Saturn | Gonçalo Almeida | PRT | 16’

A man relives a treasured episode from his youth in this phantasmagoric rumination on the construction and aestheticization of memories.





Kafka | Tiago Iúri | PRT | 9’

An exploration of a girl and a sense inside the world of KAFKA.





The Hapiness of Living Dying | Débora Gonçalves | PRT | 13’

After the director's unexpected death, the film and the team seek to find each other between segments of reality that merge with fiction.





Beacon | Henrique Brazão | PRT | 19’

Vica, a young hotel maid frustrated with her work environment, is assaulted by a guest during her shift.
She decides to abandon the building and roam around during the whole day, trying to regain a sensory connection to the world around her.
The new day breaks, bringing the promise of freedom and new beginnings.





Nha Sunhu | José Magro | PRT | 20’

Issa, a footballer from Guinea-Bissau who plays in Portugal, is contacted by two filmmakers who want to know more about his life and make a documentary. Exposing the voices behind the camera, Nha Sunhu is a reflection on the gaze, bias, and representation of the other.