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Subtitled in English



Dad’s Sneakers | Olga Zhurba | UKR | 19’

An immersive insight into the last hours of 13-year-old Sasha’s life in a boarding school for children deprived of parental care. He is one of the luckiest – an American family finally adopted him. Today he will move to another country forever but there’s something that won't let him go.





Leopolis Night | Nikon Romanchenko | UKR | 26’

Polia, Solomiіa, Mariіa play in the local theater. After the spectacle, they meet a guy and walk through the night city together. Polia seems to fall in love with him. In the morning he will leave the city and they will not see each other again.





Two People | Vladyslav Vitriv | UKR | 23'

Nona and Sasha have been together for four years. Their marvelous "happily ever after" should have already been formed. But so far, only "ever after" is real. And will it be "happily"? Maybe the wedding will change something?



The Secret, the Girl and the Boy (Short 2018) - IMDb



The Secret, the Girl and the Boy | Oksana Kazymіna | UKR | 13’

The Girl and the Boy play in a garden. They are left alone there and they do not have any obligations to behave in a certain way. This gives them the freedom to create their own ways of interaction with the world. During such an interaction, adult social constructs inter-twist into weird children folklore and shift into an abstract sphere. There are secrets and various modes of being in the world of the Girl and the Boy.





In Our Synagogue | Ivan Orlenko | EST | 20’

A boy tries to find out what happened in the old local synagogue. Obsessed, he is chasing something he never saw and does not pay any attention to what is happening around him.