National Grand Prix #2



Auditório Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English



Duas Irmãs | LoTA Gandra | PRT | 19’

Two sisters go to the forest in search for places to film in. The eldest, a young director, is very focused in her task to find a place to shoot her next film. The youngest, named Matilde, has no space to open up to her sister about her issues.
In an uncertain environment, the sisters get separated and lost. The night is coming, and Matilde is adrift and alone in the forest. How will they grow through this experience in the woods? Will their relationship transform into something different now that they’re both adults?



João Vaz Oliveira Honors Creatives that Inspire Him in "Block" Short Film -  Motion design - STASH : Motion design – STASH



Block | João Vaz Oliveira | PRT | 1’
The Covid-19 pandemic led us to a sudden arrest in our lives. It made me stop and helped me take a step back so that I could better focus on my goals. And that was when I realized that I was a part of a cycle. 





They Made me Believe I was Daddy's Girl When I Was in Fact Momma's Boy | Sol Marques Duarte | PRT | 17'

A self journey of gender exploration made during lockdown. The gap beetween what I learnt I am and what I really am, is where I exist.





Ultra | João Lourenço | PRT | 20’

Struggling to fulfil the burden of manhood that has been bestowed upon him, a teenager is at a crossroads between a shattered home life, and the cruelties of youthful love.





From a Room to the Cinema to Outside | Leonardo Miranda | PRT | 11’

A generation of precarious youth locked inside a house, and with a great thirst for cinema. This work of experimental cinema by Leonardo Miranda, is drowning in melancholy. And despite its modesty it has the capacity of speaking loud and clear.



Os Abismos da Alma, de Guilherme Daniel (Turno da Noite · 2021) | Caminhos  do Cinema Português



Os Abismos da Alma | Guilherme Daniel | PRT | 17'

A father is hypnotised in his death bed with his own method, and suspended between life, death and dream.