National Grand Prix #1



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English



Quando a Terra Sangra | João Vicente Morgado | PRT | 17'

The plague brings out the worst in everyone and only the Man remains immune. Consumed by desperation, in an attempt to save the Woman and protect his Son, the Man goes looking for help and travels through the village where nothing is as it seems. During a surreal and hallucinating night, the Man, haunted by memories of another life, begins to lose track of reality.





Vórtice | Guilherme Branquinho | PRT | 14’

After another long day at work, at 3 am, an exhausted man searches for a seemingly inexistent place to park his car. When he discovers he's not alone, what seemed like a routine exercise turns into a surreal race with deadly consequences.





Femogtyve | João Moreira | PRT | 12’

“FEMOGTYVE” is a narrative a visual experience of the very noble and great city of Porto. It reminds us of a series of postcards from a trip.





Kumaru | Bruno Maravilha, Patrícia Santos, Tânia Teixeira | PRT

Kumaru is a curious being. He collects fireflies to illuminate the way through the darkness, which is the only lighting he knows. Something different will draw his attention.





The Event | Frank Mosley, Hugo De Sousa | USA, PRT | 11’| 4’

It's 2 AM, and Vince just wants to know why.





Mansa | Mariana Bártolo | PRT | 7’

Portugal in the year 2000. Eleven-year-old Maria João lives in a suburb in the north of the country and is exposed to the influences of her conservative upbringing. Her relationship with her family and her best friend Ana are changing. A newly discovered sensuality and desire lead her to new body sensations and interests.