Silver Lynx - Fiction #4



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English and Portuguese



Unter der Welle | Veronika Hafner | DEU | 39’

Team building trips are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you add to that a passive-aggressive yoga retreat where your colleagues quickly form into closed groups, often ending up ganging on you, and you have a recipe for disaster. Our protagonist, Louise, must navigate carefully through this minefield, after all, it is not just her sanity that is on the line: so too is her job.





GrowingAgata Wieczorek | FRA | 18’

Ewa takes up training in maternity nursing at a medical simulation center. In the life-like realm, pregnancy and labour are repetitively performed by artificial bodies in automatic procedures that allow no interruption. Recognizing human features in a pregnancy simulation female mannequin gives a start to a series of events that makes Ewa radically question the simulated maternity as a predestined experience.





I, AdonisAngelo Raaijmakers | NLD | 16’

Nicky’s whole world revolves around fitness, with the goal of getting bigger and stronger. By constantly monitoring his food consumption and weight, he seems to have his body and entire life under control. But when hidden childhood memories emerge, Nicky starts losing control and his body obsession sets off in an unhealthy direction.





Shelled | Boris Vedensky | RUS | 25'

A member of National Guard Roman is in love with a political activist Nat. Once he comes to her house with a search. But his bosses find out the relationships between them.