Subtitled in English



Lurch | Jasna Nanut, Čejen Černić, Judita Gamulin | HRV | 15’

In this short omnibus, three directors, each belonging to a different generation, direct their respective female characters and thus display different aspects of a car accident which, alongside the victim’s life, irreversibly changes theirs as well.




Words | Ella Knorz | DEU | 8’

About a couple that doesn’t need any words:
A cinematic poem on an intimate relationship.




Everything That Stays in the Surface DiesCarina Pierro Corso | PRT | 3’

Between drowning and learning to swim, we follow the internal conflicts of a Self who will talk about the experience of being human and facing wounds.




FridaAleksandra Odic | DEU | 21’

An encounter between a young nurse and her patient Frida, who is the same age, on the border of professional distance and the desire for closeness.




The Delivery | Katarzyna Sikorska | POL | 24’

Alicja is counting weeks to the birth of her daughter. She’s looking forward not only to her child but also to her husband, who works abroad. Oksana, a young Ukrainian, arrives to help her bring the long-awaited daughter to the world, but their life under the same roof is becoming harder than they expected. The tension grows. Hour by hour, envy, fear and uncertainty intensify.





Burning Clouds | Yentl De Baets | BEL | 17’

A passing meteorite connects a roaming young woman, a burned-out factory worker and an unemployed young man during a long winter night. A portrait of the night and the people in it.