Silver Lynx - Fiction #3



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English and Portuguese



Mona & Parviz | Kevin Biele | DEU | 17’

Two employees of the immigration office pay Mona an unannounced visit to check on the marital relationship between her and her husband Parviz. After Mona has to face the officials alone and the mood begins to falter, Parviz appears.




Liquid Bread | Alica Bednáriková | SVK | 25’

Southern Slovakia, hot summer days, a family of three generations meets under one roof. An unexpected visit from Zoja, the granddaughter, stirs up the peaceful routine. Within a quiet presence of God and alcohol, the family untails it’s tragicomical past and a few (almost) unsaid secrets.




7 Star Dinosor Entertainment | Vaishali Naik | IND | 19’

A few years back, Sudhir and Vinod - two brothers - put up a Business together, '7 Star Dinosor Entertainment'. Dressed as giant dinosaurs they would dance to Bollywood songs at weddings, birthday parties and mall events.
Life was going great for them until a pandemic happened. The brothers are now jobless and hungry.
The food is running out and so is the patience.
When it comes down to the last bite, will they split it in half or will they turn on each other?




A Swedish Defence | Simon Elvås | SWE | 20’

It’s hard being a weapons engineer if your daughter is an anti-war-activist.
In this satirical drama, an international arms deal is interrupted by teenage protesters. A Swedish engineer tries to prevent his 16-year-old-activist-daughter from embarrassing him at work and ruining Sweden's relations with Turkey.