Silver Lynx - Documentary #2



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English and Portuguese


touch me | Hendrik Ströhle | DEU | 27’

Christine has been dissatisfied for a long time. Even tough she has already achieved more than some who can walk. When she realizes that she lacks sexuality in her life, she gathers up all her courage and meets Thomas - a sex worker. The meetings with him are the most beautiful experiences she has ever had. But the time she has with Thomas is time she has to pay for.
"touch me" portrays a special relationship between love and service.




Even Though They Steal My Dreams | Zoé Brichau | BEL | 28'

At the end of 2019, a revolution rises up in Chile. A group of friends joins actively the protests. Whereas they photograph, film and plaster flyers, they undergo daily the inequalities which they're fighting against.





Some Kind of Intimacy | Toby Bull | GBR | 5'

The filmmaker tries to communicate with the sheep living where his parents are buried.




My Period is Late | Cai Ning | EST, PRT, GBR, BEL | 11’

This is an exploring journey into motherhood. It unveils the complexity of the mother-daughter relationship in a personal way while taking a look into traditional family structures present in China.





Black WagonAdilet Karzhoev | KGZ | 23'

A crew of miners digs coal 500 meters underground. Miners must fulfill the daily plan. But with each hit with the pick, it becomes more and more difficult to get to the coal in the safe zone. The foreman decides to take risks and dig coal in the danger zone.