FESTinha Sub10 - Session #3



Auditorium Casino Espinho



On The Rails | Paul Cognard, YannMarchand, Maxime Lefebvre| FRA |4’

Walter, a sixty-year-old man close to retirement, is a cable car driver in the city of San Francisco. Faced with the indifference of the passengers and the routine, he becomes sad and melancholic. One day, Mia, a little girl full of curiosity and enthusiasm, sees the cable car driver. Will Walter regain his happiness?




Life and Butterflies | Pablo Reigada Ocaña | ESP | 5’

Life & Butterflies is a metaphor for life. We follow a kid playing with his ball until a butterfly captures his attention. From that point he'll learn that time flies and that there's no way to stop it since he can't stop growing up while following that butterfly.




Big Box | Nuria Torreño | ESP | 6’

What if you could send your feelings? In a world where it is possible to send your feelings via mail service, a young postman named Hermy faces the arduous task of delivering the biggest package the company has ever seen. However, this will not stop our cheerful mailman, who will make use of all available means to make the package reach its destination and fulfill his mission.




Our Piggy | Jaromír Plachý | CZE |4’

Our piglet is still experiencing some adventure. Discover the magic of vacuum cleaners, wires or the fact that things sometimes buzz. Rediscover the world! According to the books of the same name, there is now an animated miniseries for the youngest and even those who have already learned to walk and talk. Our piggy is yours too!




Gift | Jiaqi Bin | CHN | 13’

The arrival of a hen broke the peace of life. In order to find their most cherished toy, the hostess's lovely and naughty dog lies in the story of maturity in the process of hen struggle




The Ghost Dog | Jaime Posadas | IRL | 2’

The ghost dog is a cute ghost story about the process of grief and the importance of the bonds we make with our loved ones that follows the story Lizzie, a little girl grieving the loss of her dog, only to discover that it won’t take too long for him to come back from the dead to be with her… And to grab some snacks along the way.



L'enfant et l'oie – Miyu Distribution


L’Enfant et l’Oie | Jade Chastan, Alice Failla, Jérôme Ginesta, Justine Hermetz, Sophie Lafleur, Vincent Lenne | FRA | 8’

A child and a goose becoming friends find themselves embarking on a journey of adventure and freedom.





Anchored | Genevieve Bega | USA |8’

A girl who likes to fix things discovers a robot that is broken, but not in the way she expects.





Journey | Sarah Dias | PRT | 4’

A musical journey danced across places and colors of an ever-changing life.