Silver Lynx - Fiction #2



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English and Portuguese



Holadirio | Mariel Sosa | PER |15’

In this surrealist film, a father searches for the afterlife answer to his murdered son’s fate encountering his ex-girlfriend and the killers along the way.





Bitch | Bertille Z. Estramon | BEL |15’

Facing a sexual assault, a young woman recognizes in herself a wild strength that helps her transcend the horror.





Slave | Grzegorz Piekarski | POL |29’

Nikodem is serving his sentence at Maja and Łukasz’s home as part of a new penitentiary programme. The couple has complete control over him. One day he becomes free.





Collapse | Mathieu Rathery | FRA | 17’

Merle is a survivalist. In his small cabin lost in the woods, he prepares himself for the upcoming collapse. He keeps in touch with the outside world through his Youtube channel. On there he posts short videos, tutorials and rants around his daily life. By chance, he finds one day the opportunity for a new video, which might not be as well received as he thought.