Silver Lynx - Fiction #1



Auditorium Casino Espinho

Subtitled in English and Portuguese



Borzaya | Simon Schneckenburger | DEU | 19'

In the Ukrainian Carpathians, large Western companies threaten to destroy the existence of the forestry owned by Sylwia’s family. In order to make some urgently needed money, Sylwia agrees to help smuggle refugees across the nearby external EU border.





The Right Words | Adrian Moyse Dullin | FRA | 15'

Kenza, 15, and her little brother Madhi, 13, regularly humiliate one another on social media. On the bus, Kenza puts her naive and romantic little brother to the test: to profess his love for Jada; a girl that Madhi loves but who does not know him.





A Man Trembles | Lam Li Shuen & Mark Chua | SGP | 22'

In 1998 Singapore, at the peak of the Asian Financial Crisis, a man and his family spend their final day on Earth at Sentosa island. There, he comes to confront the peculiar closeness between salvation and terror.





II Turno | Chiara Marotta & Loris Giuseppe Nese | ITA | 14'

Anna and Lucia, two young women in their twenties, one from Italy and one from Nigeria, work as caregivers of Mrs. Maria, a bedridden elderly woman. Anna assists Maria during the day, while
Lucia is responsible for the night-time: the shift change is the only moment the two girls meet. Despite this short time, the differences between them erupt daily in a conflict to assert, damaging one another, their position in the world.





Tibbits HillEdith Jorisch | CAN | 12’

What if the wind had spoken the language of children… What would be its voice ? What would be the memories it carries?

Visually stunning, and with an outstanding sound work, Edith Jorisch's "Tibbits Hill" is a feast of the senses like few others.