FESTinha Sub 10 - Session #1



Auditorium of Casino Espinho




2020: Odisseia no 3º esquerdo | Ricardo Leite | PRT | 14'

An eight-year-old boy lives an imaginary adventure through the vastness of outer space.






Heartwood | Clara Schildhauer e Reyes Fernández | GBR | 3'

Heartwood follows Midge, a bratty girl of about twelve years old. Bored and frustrated by her overbearing father, she decides to leave the monotony of the hiking trail to set off on her own adventure into the woods, in which she makes a magical discovery.





Barakafrites | G. Vidal, S. Chebbi, H. Zitoun, W. Trameaux, N. Rodriguez, J. Fache, J. Floc'h e L. Sarre | FRA | 5'  

Gus Patatax runs a food truck in space. He must cook for his unique customer ; but everything is not going to go as planned...





Alternate Mesozoic | S. Boby, L. Laudrin, M. Métivier, L. Miguet, S. Sanrame, M. Schaeffer | FRA | 5'

In the Mesozoic era, Rex and his dinosaur friends are going to be disturbed in their peaceful life by a tribe of annoying humans. A meteor shower will crash on the Earth. But dinosaurs are strong and humans will beg them to protect them. Rex will accept and save the humans. Dinosaurs and humans will evolve and coexist through the ages: antiquity, the Middle Ages and contemporary times. Are dinosaurs going to cope with the annoying and invasive behavior of humans?






Genethic | L. Bos, C. Castillo, L. Falgueras, M. Ferré, I. Ayguadé, S. Montero, G. Botargues, S. Fité, S. Vilanova, F. Regás, J. Llaudet | ESP | 2'

For the first time, a cute little creature will come outside to see the world. The creature will find surrounded itself by magic and adventures, but will everything be as beautiful as it seems?





Les rendez-vous des arts | Walter Rastelli | ITA | 10'

In an autumn grove, surrounded by a perennial golden hour, there are seven strange figures: they are the Arts! Painting, Architecture, Music, Dance, Sculpture, Literature and Photography.

This last, poor guy, is not well accepted in the group, since he is not considered a real art, and is sadly excluded. But he will be the last piece that, together with all the other Arts, will lead to the birth of a new one: Cinema!





Sounds between the crowns | Filip Diviak | CZE | 14' 

A homeless musician was kicked out of the city after the queen saw his face. Although the guards destroyed his instrument, he didin´t lse the motivation to fix it.





O Búzio (The Whelk) | Aurora Mascarenhas Fernandes | PRT | 6'

“O Búzio” (The Whelk) is an adaptation of the short story “Homer” by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, which narrates a brief childhood memory of the author and has as its central character a wandering, crazed old man who appeared to beg for alms on summer afternoons, in a village by the beach. Búzio is a free being, who lives away from the world of men and in communion with nature, whose rituals and speeches no one understands. The animation explores the magic contained in the words of this man, seen through the eyes of a child.