ECHOES - Fast Forward




Subtitled in English



Litoral Oeste, 9 | Susana Ramalho Marques | PRT | 9'

Litoral Oeste, 9 is a home, ours.
In one of the most bizarre beginnings of the year in memory, it was inhabited like never before for an entire spring.
A portrait of a time of confinement, which ends up integrating the three characters who were part of it. In the foreground, the mother. At times, Zorro.
Litoral Oeste, 9 is a love letter, in the form of a subjective plan from the third character, the director.




When I Killed The Cat | Mansour Forouzesh | GBR/HUN | 23'

When I Killed The Cat explores the depth of perception through Jim, a different kind of thinker and unusual perceiver. It shows the layers present in the human condition, revealing its mysteries and uniqueness.





La Nostra Terra | Thomas Born | ITA/NLD | 17'

A modern dance tragedy on Sicilian soil, about a search for common ground. This independent film is a Gesamtkunstwerk, inspired by the architectural installation 'The Forbidden Garden of Europe'.




Nakam | Andreas Kessler | DEU | 33'

Twelve year old violin player Mitka is supposed to execute an attack on several SS officers in the name of a ukrainian partisan movement. But this attempt will also put his only friend in life danger.




To Cut a Tree on a Green Moon | Felipe Esparza | PER | 8'

From the diary of Christopher Columbus, October 15, 1492: "And deviated from the land by two lombard shots, there is in all these islands so much depth that one cannot reach it. These islands are very green and fertile and have very sweet airs, and there may be many things that I do not know, because I do not want to stop to go through many islands to find gold". They had only been on land for four days. The gold never existed. It is only possible to suppose the sweetness of the air. The islands are still green.





Rivolta e Malinconia  | Mattia Biondi | ITA | 5'

On the beach where ancient poetry was saved with all its creatures, a romantic artist tries to convince the bourgeois audience of the timelessness of the past.