Directors Hub Round Table - Parenting in the film industry: breaking the fear and stigma

Directors Hub #CreativeEuropeDesks

23 JUN // 14:00 //Junta de Freguesia de Espinho Auditorium

Franziska Margarete Hoenisch, Susanne Wuest, Cátia Biscaia and Pedro Cabeleira

The filmmaking industry is changing and women have been conquering more space in the film industry. We are on a path -  sometimes slower sometimes faster - the goal is equality in opportunities and pay. However equality does not mean giving up on your life or putting it on hold. New challenges arise when balancing work and and being a parent. It is an important topic to discuss and deconstruct, it is imperative, for the well being of society, that this issue is addressed alongside equality. In that sense, this session will gather professionals that deal with the challenge of combining parenting and filmmaking on their daily basis. We want to create a safe space to share experiences and brainstorm a better future.


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