Director:Tim Mielants


Run time:97'



Patrick is a tall man. He is slow, heavy, but discreet. Son of the owner of a nudist campsite, Patrick is responsible for the campsite’s maintenance. He just wants to be left alone to his carpentry, and he proudly displays a series of tools as if they were historical relics. But one day, his routine changes. When his father dies, he inherits the camp and struggles to run it. Worst of all, his favourite hammer disappears. Patrick goes through an existential crisis, in the funniest of scenarios, whilst seeking desperately for his missing hammer. This first feature film by Tim Mielants combines the nudity of its characters, a tense police thriller structure, and unexpected twists to form a triumphant and bizarre dark comedy. It also features New Zealand actor Jemaine Clement, a major name in the world of comedy, and a fundamental figure in Flight of the Concords and What We Do In the Shadows.