Director:Paxton Winters


Run time:120'



In the troubled period preceding the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was in uproar. The challenge to the government of Dilma Rousseff was unceasing and local authorities began a hunt on criminals in the city’s slums. It is in this context that Jaca returns home after years in prison, discovering his slum is dominated by a criminal who was once his pupil. While Jaca tries to reintegrate, his daughter, Tati, finally has her father around. But some of his old habits are difficult to overcome and the community expectations become overwhelming. This first work by Paxton Winters reinvents the subgenre of favela cinema. Pacificado won three awards at the last edition of San Sebastian Festival, including Concha de Ouro.San Sebastian Festival, where it won 3 awards, including the much
coveted Concha de Ouro.