Director:Zoé Wittock

country:France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Run time:93'


Jeanne is a very shy young girl who works at the local amusement park and lives alone with her mother. Her fascination with carousels takes on surreal proportions when she begins to develop an obsession with Jumbo, the park’s main attraction. When everyone realises that Jeanne is creating an unusually strong bond with the merry-go-round, they begin to doubt her sanity. This is the story of a woman who falls in love with an inanimate object. The concept, which pushes at the limits of absurdity, made Jumbo one of the most anticipated films in 2020. It debuted at the Sundance Festival and has been praised for its boldness, ambitious aesthetics and narrative structure that mixes elements of Social Realism with Magical Realism.