Training Ground Program 2019

| Masterclasses |


June 25th

15h00 | Speed Meeting

18h00 | Manuel Alberto Claro - Cinematography Case-study of “The House That Jack Built”


June 26th

10h00 | Gareth Wiley - How the present your film finance plan, from a small short film to a big production

13h00 | Jonathan Morris - Editing Social Realism

15h30 | Pete Travis - Directing actors   

18h00 | Baltasar Kormákur - How to build a career as a filmmaker 


June 27th

10h00 Clifford De Spenser - Voice, Speech and Accent coaching for Film

13h00 Dominic Murphy - Understanding the Madness & Mindfulness method

15h30 Nancy Bishop - Casting considerations for the director

18h00 | Stuart Dryburgh - Contribution of the cinematographer to the creative process, Sponsored by Cooke Optics


June 28th

10h00 Ross Baker - How to manage your colour | Meet to colourist​

13h00 Jennifer Parker - Legal consideration for film productions, from small short films to big budget films.

15h30 Fernando Bovaira - Case-study of the production process of “The Others”

18h00 Chris Simon - Masterclass


June 29th

10h00 John Warhurst and Nina Hartstone - Case Study of the sound editing of “Bohemian Rapsody”

13h00 Steve Cash  How to Communicate with agents

15h30 John Warhurst, Nina Hartstone and Eddy Joseph - Building a career as a sound editor

18h00 Guillermo Garcia Ramos and Marian Sanchez Carniglia - The importance of Pitching your film and being prepared to do so


June 30th

10h00 Mihai Gligor  How to best use Film Festivals as an opportunity to distribute films and maximize opportunities

13h00 Producer's debate - Making films with an audience in mind: how to identify and engage your audience

15h30 Ritesh Batra - Directing and rewriting for actors


| Workshops |


June 26th

14h00 | Gareth Wiley - Building A Film Business Plan


June 27th

10h30 | Carey Duffy - Imagination captured through glass, Presented by Cooke Optics


June 28th

10h30 | Dominic Murphy - Understanding the Madness & Mindfulness method

16h00 | David Turner - Post-Production management overview


June 29th

10h30 | Scandar Copti Techniques of directing non-actors (full-day)


June 30th 

11h00 | Salomé Limón - Sound design for low budget films