Nuno Lopes

Film Industry Role: Actor

Nationality: Portuguese

Major Works: As Linhas de Wellington (2012) and São Jorge (2016)

Major Awards and Nominations: Shooting Star at Berlinare (2006), Orizzonti Award in the category of Best Actor at Venice Film Festival for São Jorge (2016)

Nuno Lopes is one of the most prolific Portuguese actors and the past years saw a much deserved international recognition, with the actor winning several awards as well as critic acclaim.

His work on "Saint George" (in portuguese, São Jorge) not only gathered extremely positive reviews from outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post and Cineuropa, but also the Orizzonti Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival, as well as the Best Actor award in the Macau International Film Festival & Awards.

With "An Outpost of Progress", which premiered to a full room at the 2016 Berlinale (Nuno Lopes was one of the festival’s Shooting Stars 10 years before, in 2006), the actor won the Sophia Award for Best actor.

2017 saw the Berlinale premiere of the Brazilian production Joaquim, in which Nuno Lopes plays the character Matias.

It is also worth noting his work in "As Linhas de Wellington" (2012), "Alice" (2005), as well as his work in theatre, both as an actor (working in productions of classic authors like Bertolt Brecht, William Shakespeare and Heiner Müller) and as a director, frequently working with non-actors and achieving brilliant results.



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