Mohamed Kordofani

Film Industry Role: Director

Nationality: Sudanese

Major WorksNyerkuk (2016) and The Kejer’s Prison (2019)

Major Awards and NominationsBest Director Award at the Taharqa International Award for Arts for Gone for Gold and Best Short at Carthage Film Festival for Nyerkuk (2016)

Mohamed Kordofani is a Sudanese aircraft engineer and filmmaker. In 2014 he enrolled in a one-year independent filmmaking course and founded Kordofani Films that same year.

He went on to direct several music videos and television commercials before debuting his first short narrative Gone for GoldThe short participated in several film festivals including the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival and went on to win Best Director Award at the Taharqa International Award for Arts.

In 2016 Moh’d directed his second short titled Nyerkuk which won an accolade of awards including NAAS Best Short at Carthage Film Festival, the Jury Award at Oran International Film Festival, the Black Elephant Award for Best Sudanese film at the Sudan Independent Film Festival and Peligrini Award at Africa, Asia and South America Film Festival in Milan.

His latest short film The Kejer’s Prison is about the recent uprising in Sudan.

Mohamed is interested in addressing the various social constructs in Sudan through his films.