Category: Series
Stage of production: Script Development
Production countries: Germany
Director: Michael Karen

The smart soyboy Alex, the lovable simp Basti and the resourceful fuckboy Steve will go to absurd lengths to impress women. But what does it mean to be a "real" man in the age of toxic masculinity?

GÖÖRLS revolves around the childhood friends Alex, Steve and Basti - three typical representatives of crassly different brands of masculinity. Alex is a passionate keyboard warrior, who has trouble distinguishing Twitter from reality. Steve is a charismatic pick-up artist whose gender image is stuck in the '90s. And Basti is a well-meaning incel; so confused by the conflicting messages around him that he is intent on pleasing EVERYONE. Taken together they'd make the perfect man, but as individuals, they're hopeless. Like so many Millennials, the three are case studies in arrested development. In their early 20s, they still live with their parents, clinging to old dreams and acting more like latepubescent boys than grown men. They long for recognition, status and identity. But there's one thing they crave more than anything: GÖÖRLS! After all, a boy can't become a man without a woman! And that's true both when it comes to quantity (Steve) and quality (Alex). But what is it that makes a man desirable these days? Besides: is it even desirable to be a man? (Basti) Confused by the mixed messages of our time, the three (anti-)heroes embark on a blundering quest to become the men they want to be. Along the way, plenty of drama is generated by the clash between über-feminist Alex and ultra-macho Steve. But in the course of the story, both of them gradually learn from each other- becoming more interesting, passionate and attractive young men in the process. UntiI they take it too far.

Project representatives:

Eva Habermann - Producer/Writer

Alexander König - Producer/Editor