Industry Lounge

The Industry Lounge, although almost a venue itself, is held inside FESTival Village.

With the presence of high tables to serve as work stands or meeting points, puffs to relax while catching some sun and beverages, the Festival Lounge aims to give attendees a place where they can mix work with casual conversation, which is the perfect combination between work and leisure.

And you would be wrong to think that the Lounge is a static place. Daily activities are in store for our participants.

From wine and cheese happy hours to the Educators Meet-Up, passing through the Portuguese Grand Prix mingle and through activities like ‘People Bingo’, the Lounge is a constant reminder of the festival’s spirit, a perfect combination between work and leisure.



Industry Lounge activities take place from the 20th to the 25th of June 2023.



The Festival Lounge is accessible only to participants with a FEST PRO accreditation, FEST Staff, and Speakers.