Kle Savidge

Film Industry Role: Music Supervisor

Nationality: Canadian

Major Works: “House of Gucci”; “Brooklyn”;

Major Awards and Nominations: Two Oscar nominated films and BAFTA winning films to her credit;

Kle Savidge, surmising somehow that she might find herself ever more engaged in the British soundtrack that informed her youth, came to the UK from her hometown of Toronto on holiday in the 90’s. Outrageously, the trip became a permanent move as she immediately found what she was looking for, stumbling upon a nascent Creation Records and a seminal time in British pop history. Grunge made way for Britpop, Creation signed Oasis and that changed everything.

Creation was her home for 10 years and when the label imploded, she married her love of music and film embarking upon a career in music supervision. Specialising in feature films and documentaries, her credits include directorial debuts from David Schwimmer (“Run Fatboy Run”), Dustin Hoffman (“Quartet”) and BAFTA award winning “Me Without You” and “Brooklyn” to blockbusters “Tomb Raider” and “House Of Gucci” as well as acclaimed documentaries “Three Identical Strangers” and “Billie”.