Youth Hostel

Modern and comfortable, the Espinho Youth Hostel, was created considering every detail. Suitable for groups, it’s located in a quiet haven where town and country live in harmony.

It offers a beds in dormitories with access to a shared bathroom. Wi Fi is available in all areas. There is a lounge where guests can relax and socialize, with TV. There is also available on-site a shared kitchen that allows guests to prepare small meals. 

Check-in & check-out information

Before booking your accommodation, please note that while the Festival officially starts on Monday, 4th of Ocotber, the Industry Events only begin on Tuesday afternoon, October 5th. 

The Accommodation includes options for participants who want to be present since the beginning of the festival (7 Nights) and for those who wish to come only when the Industry Events start (6 Nights):


7 night-stay 

check-in: 4th of October 2021

check-out: 11th of October 2021


6 night-stay

check-in: 4th of October 2021

check-out:11th of October 2021



Accommodation booking will be accessible only to participants accredited with one of the festival badges (after purchasing accreditation you will find the 'Participants Accommodation Options' tab at your FEST Eventival account).

get your accreditation here


Please be aware that the purchase is dependant on the hostels' availability

Please contact us at