Mighty Flash

Golden Lynx — Fiction

Ainhoa Rodríguez

98' // 05 Oct // 21h30



Isa uses a cassette recorder to record messages to herself for when she disappears or loses her memory. Cita feels trapped in a marriage in a house full of saints and virgins. María returns to the town where she was born to face her loneliness. The women of a small rural town, suspended in time and whipped by depopulation, live between the apathy of their daily day where nothing extraordinary happens and a deep desire for liberating experiences that makes them rediscover the place where they believe they were happy or dreamed of being happy.

It is in this setting and with this collection of unforgettable characters that Spanish newcomer Ainhoa Rodriguez builds a unique and precious piece of filmmaking that reveals itself as one of the most necessary films for our age. The female condition is exploited in refined and profound fashion and skill, all dominated by an almost lynchian mysterious quality that Portuguese audiences will surely recognize as unmistakingly ibearian. An immediate success in its premiere at this year’s Rotterdam Film Festival, and already one of 2021’s most talked about films, Mighty Flash continues its incredible path through the international Film Festival Circuit after captivating a series of awards, including the Jury Prize at Malaga and Best Director in Vilnius, announcing Rodriguez’s name as a vital voice to follow in the coming years.



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